Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Vesta, we see CSR initiatives as a win-win situation. Not only are we making real world differences but we feel good doing it. We also hope that our CSR appeals to our socially conscious clients, thereby building stronger relationships through common interests outside of our industry.

  • Charity (Social)

We are very conscious of the difference that charity work can make on the lives of an individual or community. We set ourselves targets to organise charity events each year and we also provide paid leave to employees offering charity volunteering services.

  • Ethical Pay (Social & Economic)

Vesta ensures our employees are rewarded for their hard work. Market salary rates are exceeded and discretionary bonuses are given to reflect the hard work we appreciate. Happy employees are fundamental to providing clients with a good service, so in turn it is key that our employees feel rewarded for the work they have carried out.

  • Profit Margins (Social and Economic)

Our mission statement speaks for itself and our lower profit margins are a choice. We prefer to pass the savings onto our clients and work honestly for our money. This philosophy has lead Vesta to creating successful working relationships with some of the biggest names in the global property industry.

  • Minimal Impact (Environmental)

Waste minimisation is key to the environmental sustainability of our planet. At our office we operate on a ‘think before print’ basis, we recycle and we promote energy resource efficiency. On site we promote recycling and source materials and trades locally. We also actively engage with sustainably conscious subcontractors and provide them all with site rules setting out our environmental targets for each project.